Saturday, August 14, 2010

Updated Photos: August 14th


My Summer Garden Mid-August 2010.

Please keep in mind, these photos were taken with my cell phone. I wish the quality was better, but I was so struck by the garden today, I had to document a little of what is happening, no matter what. :-)


Chili Arbol

Lilac Peppers

Yellow Bell and Japanese Eggplant

Basil and Bolting Cilantro (Coriander Seeds to come!)

Looking out from the back corner.

This orange flower (anyone know the name?)seeded itself by wind in my garden from my neighbor Mark's garden. Radana, another fellow gardener gave me these Blue Bachelor Button starts that she grew from seed. They are so pretty! I worked hard today cleaning this area up. I ripped out and pruned part of the orange flower and then transplanted the second Bachelor Button on the left side of it. Now, they flank either side and look beautiful!

A bee getting pollen.

Lots of Cucumbers! Big and small!

Finally getting red! Boy, it took awhile! This weather has ruined the tomatoes this year.

My poor mildewed Black Cherry Tomato. This tomato is closest to the infestation of mildew on another garden plot next to mine. It's in the worst shaped because of that. Help! Advice?

Black Cherries


Beautiful pumpkins coming!!

The two other pumpkins! Right now we have 4 total!

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