Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12th Harvest

Black Eye Susan's and Lavender from my mom's garden.

A medley basket of multiple eggplants (Gretel and Bianca), zucchini, Japanese cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, herbs (Oregano, Thyme, Basil and Sage) and strawberries. From both my mom's garden and my own.

Multiple Tomatoes.

An array of herbs.

Tomatoes and herbs.

Gretel Eggplant.


Natures shapes.


  1. Hi Amanda, Wow! You do have an interesting and colorful harvest. Right now I only get cherry tomatoes, chillies and papayas.

  2. Isn't the thrill of a harvest just the best feeling? I love the variety of eggplants.

  3. Wow! Papayas. That sounds like a great salsa combo! YUM!

    The eggplants are Bianca and Gretel eggplants and they were from my mom's garden. He garden buddy, Sharon started them by seed I believe.

    Where are you both located?

  4. I'm in Australia. Where I live we can grow things all year round but the crops change with the seasons.

  5. Wow! Australia! I've heard it is beautiful there. I would love to visit someday. It sounds similar to Los Angeles, CA. Here too, we can grow year around, changing with the seasons. I usually have a FALL/WINTER garden, a WINTER/SPRING garden and a SUMMER garden. So, usually 3 different planting and harvest times.

    I am still trying to maneuver through Blotanical, so I will look up your blog. Would love to see what you're doing.

    Happy Harvesting! :)

  6. Missy...I just checked out your blog! BEAUTIFUL!! I tried commenting on a few posts, but I was unfortunately unsuccessful...not sure why?! I need to try again. BUT, I wanted to say that I LOVE you piece on worm composting. I have the very same worm compost bin and I love it! I was also thinking about doing a post on it, in order to inform others about it. So glad to see you've done that! :)

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  8. Hi!Abundant harvest you have there. Your kids is lucky to have a mummy like you growing organic vegetable for them. We are living on opposite hemisphere, so I am just starting to sow warm vegetable seeds here.

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