Sunday, September 26, 2010

Days #5 and #6 of Main St. Garden Project: Sept. 18th and Sept. 26th



Mike starting to prep the fence to be painted. He sanded some areas and washed it clean before he began.

The first strokes of Lavender!

I must thank Mike immensely for the painting job. He spent 8 hours total on the painting portion of this project! And boy was it worth it! Not only did he do an immaculate job, the space looks transformed, with vibrancy and life! Many passerby's remarked how much they loved the color as he was painting. Both days, he came home and shared many stories of community gardeners and strangers just passing through raving about how much they love what we are doing.

This is where he stopped painting on Sept. 18th.

At the end of painting, he decided to lay the brick for our seating area. We were SO lucky to find that the brick recycled from the last people was the perfect amount for us to create this sitting space! Saves us money and time.


Mike went back and completed the white trim around the perimeter and also on the front fence. It is a whole new look! We are so excited!

Little details of white.

Next week, our goal is to staple the chicken wire to the wood posts and put in our boarders. We will take a break the weekend after, due to travels and then back to the grind come October 16th, in order to double dig the plots and amend the soil. After letting the soil rest one to two weeks, we will plant our Winter Garden 2010 roughly around October 24th! We are so excited!

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