Sunday, September 26, 2010

Full Moon in Aries Equinox Harvest


Because we have had such a cool and foggy summer here in Santa Monica, I have decided to ripen my tomatoes and pumpkins in my warm home. My tomato and pumpkin plants became infested with mildew (which spreads easily by air in our community garden settings). I felt it best to rip the plants out, in order to help control the issue for my own garden and my neighboring community gardeners plots.

Champion Tomatoes.

(Black Cherry Tomatoes)
I was told by a neighboring community gardener, Lisa, to bundle my tomatoes all together in a towel, in order to heat them even more and ripen them faster.

Our sugar pumpkins! We will be carving these a little closer to Halloween.

My husband loves a hot pepper!


  1. That's quite a big harvest. Would like to see the final product of the carved pumpkin.

  2. We do the same and bring our tomatoes inside to ripen sometimes - usually to stop the birds and bugs eating them before we do. They look good lined up on the windowsill.

  3. One...I will definitely post pictures of our carved pumpkins this next month. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the list of 10 things I like! Because my husband painted our new garden fence, I was with the kids and unable to have the quality time I needed to complete the fun game. :)

    Thanks Missy! I thought they looked quite yummy myself. I will post pictures of them ripened at the end. It is great to hear that you do this too. This is my first year doing it this way and I was concerned that they may not ripen or taste as good. But, it sounds like it will work out great.