Monday, September 6, 2010

Days #3 and #4 of Main St. Garden Project: Sept. 5th and 6th

By the end of last weekends work, our plot looked neat and beautiful. Wow! What a difference already. However, we have only begun. Their are times where I think about all that we have ahead of us and get excited and their are times when I want to cry. Their are so many details that I have thought about and want to achieve, but many big projects that must be tackled before.

Our goal for this weekend was to finish the details of the front fence and paint it, build an entire new fence around the side and back perimeters and outline the planting "beds" with a boarder material.

We headed off to Home Depot Sat., Sept. 4th in order to purchase all the material. We bought paint, boarder material, fencing material, weed blockage material and a storage bench. Of course that list above includes many small tools and parts needed in order to create and complete each project at hand.

My husband and father decided they would do the work this weekend and my mom and I would take care of the kids. With pre-school starting this week, I was running around like crazy trying to do a ton of errands.

Before the fence.

Putting the fence in and after (below).

Hose holder and pathway placed.

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