Sunday, September 12, 2010

Main St. Garden: September 12th

Playing at the new garden. Notice the back fence. We didn't get to painting it just yet. It was our intention, but we decided to wait until Mercury went direct this evening at 4pm. Much of the back fence is recycled wood. All pressure treated wood that was taken out last week was donated to Michael's work for the Choral and Theatre programs in order to build risers. So, although we were set back, our garden came up ahead and we helped out a great cause. In the end, we're happy all worked out.

Jordan has begun gardening.

He loves the new space.

Looking into the tool box, as boys love to do.

The right side new fence with Douglas Fir posts. Also, the stack of boarder material that we got to design and shape our beds.

Left side fence again using Douglas Fir.

We got a hose extender that attaches to the spicket on the outside of our garden and connects to the metal holder's spicket that we purchased. Much more convenient for watering, although Mike is now dreaming of a drip system. He has already drawn out the plans for it. Now, it is just a matter of purchasing the material and having the time to add it into the labor of our design.

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