Monday, February 8, 2010

Updated Pictures: February 7

My tulips are in bloom! Ahhh, it feels like the start of Spring officially now! This made my Valentine's Day week!

This one pink tulip has these gorgeous stripes of dark pink that make it look like delicate candy!

My sweet peas look like they are also ready to burst with buds filling their robust stalks. I can't wait to see what colors pop out!

The broccoli (above) I harvested today and I also decided to begin harvesting some of my beets. They are all different sizes, so some need more time and others are ready!

Notice the broccoli plant is gone in this picture above because it was taken after harvest.

A proud mama of her beets and also yellow chard (underneath beets). I am 33 weeks pregnant here.

I love the deep red color of beets. So rich and royal! And I know these are going to be SO sweet! I think just a quick steam is all they need to be delicious! The greens are also such a wonderful source of vitamins! I will, of course, be using those as well!


  1. I love all the gorgeous new photos, and especially the one of you with your bountiful veggie bouquet! I am so jealous of your SoCal climate. A lot of our winter garden was destroyed by the insane freeze we had back in Decemebr - 7 degrees for several nights in a row. Row cover had zero effect. Very sad. Thank goodness for our winter CSA! But nothing is as satisfying as the food you grow yourself. And what a lucky baby to be nourished so. :) Good stuff mama. XOXO

  2. The close-up of the inside of the pink tulip is awesome too! Would make a great card.....:)

  3. YAY! I'm so glad you've check out my pics! We steamed up the beets and greens just last night as apart of our dinner. Jordan actually ate them, which thrilled me! Lately, you just never know with him and veggies. The color alone is so yummy to me! And the tulips! Glad you appreciate them as much a I do! XO