Sunday, February 7, 2010

Updated Pictures: February 1

(Above) Another harvest of broccoli! We've had so much that we've been eating it for about a month and a half. With this HUGE head, we made homemade, organic broccoli beef. It was SO yummy! (I also put this large mug next to the head, so you could see how BIG it got!)

My poppies are doing great! All the rain has made some of the leaves a bit yellow, but I have just continued to deadhead them and all are fine. Poppies love this cooler weather, but they don't need so much water. I am pleased they've made it through the rain okay.

This patch of kale (above) is doing great! It is getting more hearty and darker green. Growth is happening!

My cilantro has done wonderful for this time of year. I always thought it was a summer plant, but it is getting so lush and growing at a faster pace that the kale starters next to it (which are supposed to be great winter plants).

Chard is still doing wonderful! We are eating it all the time!

RIGHT BED, Closest to the street:

My tulips are LOVING this rainy, cool weather! They seem to be growing several inches a week!

More broccoli!

This is my beet patch (above). I am letting them get a bit larger before harvest.

My carrot patch from seed is slow to start. As you can see below, their are some small sprouts coming up, but not as many as I planted. As expected, I think many were washed away in the big storms of January. Also, notice I did a boarder of bi-colored tulips, since the last time. I'm excited to see them bloom!

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