Sunday, October 25, 2009

Updated Pictures: October 23rd and 25th

ABOVE: Pictures taken Friday, October 23rd. All sweet pea seeds have sprouted and beet seeds have also started to pop up, although they are tiny. If you look closely at this last picture, you can see the redness of the stems and a few small green leaves at the top, fanning out.

BELOW: Pictures taken Sunday, October 25th.

Broccoli has gotten bigger!!

Sweet pea seeds at far right, by broccoli.

Sweet peas closest to the entrance of garden, by stalks.

Beet seeds have really progressed in just two days. I've made sure to keep the soil moist, well drained and soft. Soon, I will have to thin them out a bit.

My Winter Garden.

My garden breathes joy into my days. Upon arrival, I become intoxicated by its vibrancy, its sweetness and I am instantly transported into a positive space that brings a smile to my heart. It is the flame that lights my way through stress and daily responsibility, so that I may compassionately live a more balanced, peaceful life. Thank you garden!! I don't know what I'd do without you!


  1. I can't wait for the broccoli!! My parents would be proud that I can honestly say that I love to eat my greens! I'm such a healthy nerd!

  2. I can't believe how fast everything is growing!!
    (I'm Jen R, btw.) :)

  3. I know! I can't believe how quick things are coming up!! Earlier than the package said and earlier than expected. I think it is all this Oct. heat that L.A. is having. Last winter, my garden struggled a bit at the beginning...foggy mornings, etc. Not this year!! I'm thrilled!

    Mike, I think your mom would not only be proud of the greens part, but also that you are still gardening after all these years!! Mom esp. would love our garden!!!