Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid-Week Notes During Planting My Winter Garden 2009:

Although I have chosen to not plant fruits this season, I felt it necessary to share that today and up until tomorrow at 3pm, is the time to plant your fruits. Fruits include anything that produces a visual seed. That means, sugar peas, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc. According to the Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar, the zodiac constellation in the sky today and tomorrow is Leo. During a fire sign, is the best time to plant your fruits.

I have decided that once I harvest my sweet peas on my trellis, I will plant sugar snap peas for the Spring. Last year, I did my sugar snaps by seed and they produced in abundance!! So much so, I am still a bit sick of them! :-) I think the entire family will agree, that we can wait until the spring.

I also want to share about the weather change in the last 24 hours. At about noon yesterday, rain began to fall. It was off and on all day, but by the evening, it was a steady down pour. Through the night, the rain increased. This entire morning it has continued without a break. Needless to say, my garden is officially SOAKED! I think this is wonderful for my seeds and starter root systems, because they need a moist environment to sprout and set into the soil. However, I am concerned with the flower blossoms. They tend to wilt in the heavy rain. It is safe to say, that I will not need to water my garden until at least Saturday, when I am there planting my roots.

This is how much water was collected in 24 hours in a vase outside
on our balcony. Keep in mind, that our balcony sits under trees, so I
would assume this amount is less inches than what has fallen in total.

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