Monday, November 29, 2010

Night Gardening

Like a nymph in the night, my husband and I sneak away to the garden. Racing for sunset, we blew in with the wind while the last of the warm sun rays were dipping into the ocean. I had a plan.

We must staple hemp rope to the back of the front gate for my sweet peas to venture up and hang crystals in the windows. Sprinkle magic upon the space in the dark of night. We began the work with the Christmas lights glowing behind us on the streets. People walked by, yet no one noticed us working hard like little elves. It was as if we were secret fairies hiding within the peaceful green nest that we built. Dancing with plants in the breeze.

I felt almost mischievous under the waning Virgo moon light. Like as if we were bound by daylight and shouldn't be there. But we were. And it was magical and sweet. Rest well my little friends. See you when rainbows are glistening.

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