Monday, October 4, 2010

Weather Update: October 4th

This picture was taken in front of my home on a day (September 27, 2010) that was 113 F degrees (roughly 44 C) here in Los Angeles, California. It broke the record in downtown Los Angeles, since records have been kept from 1877. For nearly 5 consecutive days, we experienced extremely hot weather that continually got more and more humid. This picture was taken in the evening at dusk, as thunder storms began to loom.

Today (October 4, 2010), we are now at 60 F degrees and it is pouring rain, as if it was the middle of winter. No one knows what to think of this extremely drastic shift in weather. Including my garden. Through the heat wave, my pumpkins, peppers, basil and eggplant had huge growth spurts. Now, I'm afraid if the cold continues, the plants will eventually slow down production again and I will have to harvest the plot. Keep you updated....

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