Thursday, June 17, 2010

Updated Pictures: May 16th, Harvesting My Spring Garden

Me and my 12 ft. tall sweet peas!

The smell was intoxicating!

A proud gardener and new mama!

I had several community gardeners thank me for growing these sweet peas because the color and smell brought so much joy to them.

Getting ready to tear them out. It is time to amend my soil and put my Summer garden in.

Ripping the first bush out.

At the end of harvesting.

These were mine to keep and put in my home.

These I gave to my friends and family.

My kale was amazing this year! And tasty too!


My chard at the end of the Spring season. Wow!

My most successful crop of chard yet!

My carrot harvest! They are SO sweet. Like sugar!


  1. wow! looks amazing. i got addicted to kale through my CSA box + would love to be able to plant my own!

  2. Kale is wonderful in the winter! Such a hardy plant. I did struggle with Aphids at the end a little, but we still enjoyed tons of it!

    Try baked Kale chips! I bet you'll love it. Just rub Kale with some oil and a touch of salt and put in oven at 350 for about 10 min. Yum!