Monday, January 18, 2010

Updated Pictures: December 20th (Happy Solstice Tomorrow!)

First harvest of carrots!!! Sweet, great size for Thumbelina's and many more to come!!

My snapdragons and fox glove are still doing great!

As you can see below, my carrot patch after harvest is still full of more carrots. I like to pick only the amount we'll eat and keep the rest growing, in order to preserve their freshness and nutrients.

As you can see below, I chose to harvest my sweet and Thai basil finally. After a day of rain in December, the Thai basil lost a lot of leaves and became quite woody. It was time to let it go.

My chard is HUGE! It is time to start eating, eating, eating!!!

My stalks are starting to get long and a bit straggly. I continue to dead head them several times a week, which helps, but they still are beginning to lose their luster a bit. They are annual's after all and will only last a season or two.

My sweet peas are starting to get larger on the trellis! At this point, I've staked them twice with wiring to keep them from falling over.

My broccoli and beet patch are starting to pick up after using compost juice on the area a couple of times.

Beets are slow to get going, but they'll get their. I'm actually happy they are growing at different speeds, so that I can harvest them at different times and have beets in our meals for a longer period of time.

The broccoli's are getting HUGE! And as you can see, they are starting to flower!!!

They do have aphids however and I have been washing them off every few days with a very hard spray of water until I see they have been washed away. I will keep you updated on this problem. I also could use oil or soapy water to clean the leaves and rid of them in a more organic way.

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